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Michael Frackowiak

Michael Frackowiak

Head of Design

Michael has been working with the brand since the very beginning. “Pocket square and Bow tie is his thing” – people said. And he only just started. Who know what is going to happen next, but rumor has it, that Michael is preparing for a big launch of new product range that would complement his vast collection of handmade pocket square and bow ties. If you are interested in history of pocket square and bow tie click on the respective links. It will take you to Wikipedia.
Michael says:
“The focus for now is to be true to Men’s Finest brand promise to deliver high quality products, at a low cost to the fashion forward user, so the majority of people that consider wearing pocket square start doing so. It is not only that. We wrote quite a few blog post about how modern men should carry themselves. What is important for everyday man? What should they pay attention to. Go and read it now.”

We believe that pocket square can change how people are perceived, how people are approached, and how they can handle themselves…We do believe in that.