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Folding Pocket Square

Folding Pocket Square the right way? What does it mean? I have been thinking about this statement for a while. Is it really just the case of saying: “well i don’t know how to fold a pocket square because you need to have an arts skills and no one showed me... read more

Why wear a pocket square?

Pocket Square is more than accessory. Some say it should, maybe even supposed to, be used in a business casual or business environment. Thus the fundamental question remains unchanged – why wear a pocket square? Let me bring up some points that are going to be... read more

What Men Should do – 5 things

Guest Blogpost by Laird Bramich: For those that aren’t familiar with my often described as ‘aggressive prepossessions’, I’m going to run through a few things what men should do so we’re all on the same page here. These dot points will serve to nicely contextualise the... read more

Double Breasted Suit – Hot or not?

Double-breasted suits went through various different stages in its long and relatively classy life. It follows best Italian fashion trends of late, but let’s not forget that it was originally designed in the late 19th century in England. This is also when it had... read more

Best how to videos on Youtube.com

Purpose of this article is to highlight best how to videos that could be found on youtube regarding men’s fashion. Let’s start off with this one – Someone wise guy said once: “Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to... read more

32 truths about mens fashion tips. Learn It!

32 truths about mens fashion tips. Learn It! 1. Buy nicely fitted clothes. If not go to tailors. This is important. One of the best mens fashion tips. Remember it! 2. There is no such a thing as being under-dressed or over-educated. 3. Unbutton the bottom button of... read more

Do you know Gatsby British style?

Gatsby was amazing. Had had style. Some called it Gatsby British style. He was different, iconic, interesting, even a bit mysterious. Some people would say that the whole thing about him was made up – a fiction – as though he never existed. There was those... read more